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Give today to assist vulnerable children in Uganda

Partner with us to provide food, education, water, shelter, and medical supplies.

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Help us care for vulnerable children

When you partner with Lord's Compassion Ministry you are providing children - that have no parents and often times no family - an education, food, medical treatment, and shelter. Our goal is provide hope and the love of Jesus by partnering with children and their community to meet spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs.

Read our annual reports.


  • We treated 238 patients
  • We cared for over 40 children
  • Over 60 children remained in school
  • Shared the Gospel with thousands
  • The garden is still thriving
  • Children are learning valuable life skills
  • Chickens and cows are doing well
  • raised $41,923


  • We started building a School!!!
  • We started building a new clinic.
  • We treated over 200 patients.
  • We cared for 40 children.
  • 67 children remained in school.
  • Gained a church partnership.
  • The chicken project is going well.
  • Shared the Gospel with thousands of people
  • Bought land
  • Rose graduated from the University thanks to her sponsor and hard work
  • Children received many needed supplies, food & clothing
  • Rose's pad project is still thriving
  • The children earned money from milk and produce to pay school fees
  • The garden is huge and thriving. Children are learning valuable life skills.
  • raised $87,185


  • We cared for 38 children
  • 67 children remained in school
  • 133 patients treated at the LCM clinic
  • Bought mosquito nets
  • Rose will graduate from University soon thanks to her sponsor
  • Andrew is employed driving trucks thanks to his sponsor
  • Children received many needed supplies, food & clothing
  • Rose's pad project is thriving
  • Bought a few milking cows
  • Built another house for the children
  • Started building a new clinic
  • Bought supplies to share the Gospel (laptop, projector, generator)
  • The children earned $3,251 from milk and produce to pay school fees
  • Raised $46,426


  • 67 Children remained in school
  • 90 people were treated at the clinic
  • Installation of a second water tank in Mafubira
  • purchase of chickens
  • children had enough food during the drought
  • purchase of another milking cow
  • bought a sewing machine for Rose and the pad project commenced
  • 6 new children entered the home
  • Jane's medical care was paid
  • Bought LCM shirts
  • solar lights were given to out in Buluuta
  • A stove was built in the kitchen at the children's home
  • The new burn clinic commenced
  • A baby calf was born
  • Children learned to milk the cow and grow a garden
  • The garden is growing & thriving
  • Rose is still attending college (thanks to her sponsor)
  • Baby Miracle survived and someone donated to her care
  • 200 families received the Gospel & food and supplies during COVID
  • children received many needed supplies & clothes
  • Raised $40,007
  • LCM has a new website!!

2019 overview

  • raised $31,999
  • 54 patients treated
  • 67 children went to school
  • 16 children were cared for
  • 1 student went to university
  • finished building; playground, children's home, latrine, kitchen, and cow shelter
  • bought solar panels

2018 overview

  • raised $60,658
  • 74 patients treated
  • 67 children went to school
  • 16 children were cared for
  • 1 acre of land purchased
  • 1 van purchased
  • 2 medical beds purchased

2017 overview

  • raised $22,864
  • 90 patients treated
  • 72 children went to school
  • 16 children were cared for
  • clinic was finished being built

We are in our fifth year as a 501C3 tax exempt nonprofit and we are excited to see how many more children will be cared for. We have plans to build a school, grow the farm, and provide opportunities for members of the community to start businesses. Our long term commitment is community development and sustainability. You can learn more about outcomes and efforts at our website.

Lord's Compassion Ministry (LCM) is a group of champions who exist to serve vulnerable children, widows, and people in distress in Uganda. LCM established a children's home where children have the opportunity to attend school, have a stable place to live, food to eat, receive discipleship, and emotional care. Champions also help provide medical care to children in Mafubira whose families are unable to afford the trip to and cost of treatment at the government hospital. In the last two years, we have seen children flourish and overcome extreme poverty and malnutrition. We have community development and sustainability projects to complete. We believe God commands us all to help others in need and "care for the orphans and widows in their distress" and we take that seriously. God cares deeply for widows and orphans and so does LCM. Unite with us by donating or becoming a monthly donor. Monthly champions help us be sustainable and provide long-term commitment to communities. God loves cheerful givers! Let's spur each other on. It's easy to donate monthly with a one-time setup process and access to your own account to retrieve tax information. You can also send checks and money orders. Learn more here

100 percent of your donation goes to the project you select. We have no staff and overhead costs are paid for by a donor who understands it costs money to operate a nonprofit. We are thankful for our friends who are choosing to invest in the lives of children!!

Much Love,

Lufafa Emmanuel & Jazmen Draper